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Who is Microblading for?
Anyone who wants to enhance or reconstruct their brows. People who plucked out their brows in the 90s till they never returned, those born with sparse eyebrows, people who have lost their brows through chemo, trichotillomania or alopecia, or simply those looking for a bolder shape.

How does Microblading work?
Microblading uses a fine scalpel-type blade to apply the ink rather than a traditional needle, allowing the practitioner to create a natural-looking brow with short, ultra-fine micro lines that look like individual hairs.

The blade means the colour is implanted closer to the surface of the outer layer of the skin, meaning the strokes are crisp and fine. The fine lines can be applied in the same direction of hair growth, resulting in an appearance that’s as close to a natural brow as it gets.

Does it hurt?
Anaesthetic cream is applied to the brows before the treatment begins and left to settle into the skin while you choose your brow colour. During the treatment, you will feel a scraping sensation but it shouldn’t be particularly painful. More anaesthetic can be added during the treatment to further numb the area if necessary.

How do they heal?
After the first treatment, you will need a second 4-8weeks later to review the result and fill in any areas that need it. The brow will fade naturally over 12-18 months as the skin rejuvenates, at which time you will need a top-up treatment to retain the shape and colour. A colour top-up can be carried out every 6 months to maintain the depth of tone.

How much do they cost?
They are at the price of £199 this include a free patch test & free consultation. Follow ups cost an additional £60 this will help to maintain eyebrows and help them last longer.

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